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Low Cost Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Lincoln, NE is the best place to find and buy all sizes of used shipping containers in Lincoln. From 40 ft WWT used containers in Lincoln to one trip used shipping containers for sale in Lincoln, you won't find a better selection or lower prices anywhere else. Unless you are purchasing an as is container in Lincoln, it will be guaranteed to be wind and water tight. Whether you are looking to buy a used shipping container in Lincoln to store construction equipment, excess inventory, hotel merchandise and equipment, storing records or sports equipment, we have the solution to your needs. We take pride in our customer service, and our top priority is to make it easy and affordable to buy used shipping containers in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Used Shipping Container Sizes in Lincoln

Standard shipping containers have 8 ft width and 8 ft 6 in height. We also have used high cube shipping containers available, which are an extra foot taller than standard units at 9'6" tall. Here's the most common lengths:

  • 10 ft Used Shipping Containers
  • 20 ft Used Shipping Containers
  • 40 ft Used Shipping Containers

Other sized used portable storage containers are for sale in Lincoln including 16 ft, 30 ft, 48 ft and 54 ft, as well as refrigerated, climate controlled containers (reefers), but they are not always in inventory.

How much does it cost to buy a used shipping container in Lincoln?

Lincoln used shipping containers cost $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the condition and size you need. For 40 ft containers that are in great condition you will usually pay around $2,700 to $3,200. Request pricing now and find out exactly how much it costs to buy a used container in Lincoln.

Do you sell modified shipping containers in Lincoln, NE?

In some cases we have modified and custom shipping containers for sale in Lincoln. There are lots of optional features that you can add onto your containers including racks and shelves for organization, lock boxes for added security, ventilation,

What conditions of used containers can I buy?

We sell one trip containers, cargo worthy used shipping containers, WWT shipping containers, as is containers, and Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C containers. One trip containers are technically used containers, but they are sometimes referred to as new containers due to how new they are. One trip containers are the most expensive, with cargo worthy being the next most expensive, then WWT, then as is containers. All containers are inspected and graded at the container depot. If you need to ship cargo, then you may need to have a CSC survey to determine cargo worthiness for the ISO container.

Can I inspect the used shipping container in Lincoln before I buy it?

No, our containers are next off the rack, and selected from intermodal shipping container cargo pools in Lincoln. This enables customers to get the lowest possible price, while getting a high quality storage container. You can view sample pictures to get an idea of what your container will look like.

Grade A / One-Trip Shipping Container

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Grade B / CW / Cargo Worthy Shipping Container

cargo worthy shipping container for sale in Lincoln, buy cargo worthy conex shipping containers in Lincoln

Grade C / Used As Is Shipping Container

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10 Ft Used Shipping Container

10 ft used shipping container Lincoln, NE

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

20 Ft Used Shipping Container

20 ft used shipping container Lincoln, NE

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

40 Ft Used Shipping Container

40 ft used shipping container Lincoln, NE

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

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